Top 10 Things You Need to Know in Order to Survive Grade 5

On Friday, I asked the students to make a list of the Top 10 things that next year’s Grade 5 students need to know in order to survive Grade 5 with Miss K.

Some of the words of advice were written from seasoned students, regarding issues of the classroom.  (Yes, these are all direct quotations!)

– Use your time effectively

– Keep up with your homework

– Be organized

– Don’t talk when the teacher is talking

– Do your best

Others came from students who know their teacher well:

– Whining will get you nowhere

– Don’t ask “What if” questions

-Use right words when describing things, not words like “stuff”, “good”, or “thing”

– Remind Miss K to do her attendance

I laughed at more suggestions/advice:

– Always remember that sharing is caring

–  Never talk about guns or you’ll wish you never did

– Miss K has supersonic ears

– Manners matter!

But my personal favourite:

– Don’t mess with Miss K before she has had her coffee!

They know me well 🙂

Last Weekly Update

Good afternoon!

Oh Parents, I cannot believe this is my final Friday update!  This year has absolutely flown. Amazingly, we all survived!  🙂

This has been a very busy week and the Battlers have had a fantastic week.  They wrote their Summative Exam on Wednesday and success was found by ALL.  I am so very proud of my students for their studying and hard work throughout this unit.  We’ve tied up most of the loose ends for UOI and Math and everything else.  We’ve worked with area and volume this week and have finished up the human body systems and puberty.  We’ve also done some reflecting on the year and done work with portfolios.

The portfolios will be sent home on Tuesday at the end of the day, along with the Progress Reports.

MacBooks go home today!  The Battlers are super excited about that!  Have them be good to their computers, and find balance this summer 🙂

Beach Day is Monday, June 14th.  Please make sure the students come to school with: backpack, water bottle, sunscreen, hat, bathing suit, towel, extra change of clothes, and whatever food you’ve signed up to share.  We will plan to leave at 9:20am, and will make the “rain call” prior to that.  Fingers crossed for no rain!!

Lots more to see in this week’s edition of The Flash.

Have a fantastic weekend and a fabulous summer!  Be sure to say hello next year!

Miss K 🙂

Weekly Update – June 4, 2010

I can hardly believe it’s June already!

It’s been a(nother) fantastic week in 5B! We started off the week with the campaign speeches for the Lower School Student Council.  There were many articulate and persuasive candidates, which made the voting difficult. Congratulations to all of the LSSC members for next year!

We are fully in the midst of our unit “Who We Are”.  Learning all about the systems in the human body and puberty has been excellent, and a lot of work has gone into our work.  We have been having mini quizzes each day to help test our knowledge of what we have learned so far.  This week, we also learned some effective study tips (See Post below).  It would be great for parents to get involved and to help the students study this weekend, as part of some time spent together.

This week was the Grade 6 PYP Exhibition in the LLAC.  What a fantastic event!  I was thoroughly impressed by the Grade 6 students and the depth of understanding they showed through their personal inquiries.  They were engaged with the process from start to finish, and the passion they have for their topics really came out when we spoke to them.  It was really beneficial for our students to see the exhibition, as it will be what they do next year.  Some of the Battlers are already talking about what they’d like to inquire into.  I know that when they get to it next year, they will do a fantastic job!

For other important info and dates, please check out this week’s edition of The Flash.

Thanks to all parents who have signed up (through the GoogleDoc) to help with Beach Day on June 14th. It looks as though we are getting enough supplies to go through with the BBQ and picnic.  If you haven’t signed up and still want to, PLEASE DO!  As I tell my class, it’s always better to have more than not enough!

Heads up:  Next Friday, June 11, 2010 will be a class clean out day.  The MacBooks will go home, so please remember to send a case with your child.  We’ll also be cleaning out desks and lockers.  Please send some extra plastic bags so that supplies can be taken home easily.

The Portfolio and Progress Report will go home on Tuesday, June 15th.

Whew!  The end of the year is quickly approaching!

Have a great weekend!
Miss K 🙂

A Fantastic Friday!

What an amazing day we’ve had at school today!

To celebrate World Oceans Day (June 8th 2010) we had a couple presentations today concerning taking care of our oceans.

After recess we went to the L.L.A.C. to see another presentation organized by CISPA’s very own Naci Lobo and EcoVision Asia. They brought Canadian Rob Stewart, a film maker, oceanographer and passionate shark-lover to debut his incredible movie SHARKWATER to us, his very first Asian audience. After the show, Rob told us stories about his 5 years making this documentary, how he faced life-threatening challenges and political road-blocks, and he shared with us his enthusiastic spirit and dedication to the plight of sharks in today’s shark-fin market. What a masterpiece!

Session 2 ECA Showcase

Date: Wednesday June 9th, 2010

Time:  3:00pm-4:30pm

Where:  LLAC Theatre

Our Session 2 ECA students are hitting the stage to close out the year!  Please come join us in an afternoon of dance, music, drama, gymnastics, martial art and literature.  Students from Grade Prep to 6 will be on stage to show you what they have been doing all session long.  Everyone is welcome to come watch the show.   See you there!!!   (Please do not hesitate to contact Quan McGough at if you require further information).

Ms. Quan McGough

ECA Coordinator – Athletics Dept.

Office: 852 2525 7088 Ext. 302

Study Tips

The students in Grade 5 are busily preparing for their summative assessment for the current unit, Who We Are.  The students will be given a test on Wednesday June 9 on all that we’ve done with this unit.  We have learned about the different systems of the human body, and talked about changes that take place in the human body during puberty.  The test will be cumulative, meaning that it will include ALL of what we’ve done in this unit.

Today in class, we talked specifially about studying: how do we study, where is the best place, what do we study, etc.  I thought it’d be helpful for you to know what we learned about studying, so that you could help your child at home.


As a student, from Junior School through to University, you will study!!  It is important to set routines and study habits now so that you will be a successful student.   There are many ways to study and it’s essential that you choose the style that works for you.

Below are some ways that you can learn to be an effective studier.
•    Take responsibility for you!
Recognize that in order to succeed you need to make decisions about your priorities, your time, and your resources

•    Remember what’s important
Don’t let friends try to steer you in the wrong direction

•    Put first things first
You do you your thing – don’t let anyone or anything else distract you.

•    Find your best time and place to study
Morning, afternoon, or evening?
Find spaces where you can be the most focused and productive.

•    Look for better solutions to problems
For example, if you don’t understand something, don’t just re-read it. Try something else! Ask the teacher, a classmate, or someone else who is knowledgeable.

•    Look to continually challenge yourself

•    Keep a positive attitude!
You can do it!!!!!!


Here are only a few of the ways we can study:
•    Make a checklist, and give yourself time limits– this helps you keep track of what to study

•    Summarize your notes, making sure you have the most relevant information

•    Create flash cards

•    Record your notes onto cassette or MP3 player.  Play it back to yourself.

•    Read your notes out loud

•    Work with a partner

•    Quiz yourself


Weekly Update

Good afternoon!

A shortened week this week (thanks to Buddha’s birthday) but a VERY full week in 5B!

Everyone had a FANTASTIC time at camp last week – lots of activity in the great outdoors at Cheung Chau. I’m sure you’ve heard all about it – I’ll try to get some photos up soon.  A great time was had by everyone!

This week has been the end of one unit and the beginning of the next.  Students spent a bit of time developing their artistic and creative side as they completed a piece of artwork in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.  Combining art with geometric properties, they have designed and created a piece of work that uses colour to express emotion.  This was a fun way to end our Math unit “Shape and Space”.  We have some very talented artists in 5B!

Students presented their Personal Inquiries from the unit “Where We Are in Place and Time” this week also.  Having worked on two assignments simultaneously has been a good (though hard) lesson for the students.  We’re learning that time management is a big key to success.

As you know, we have begun our new unit “Who We Are”.  If you didn’t get a chance to read the unit newsletter that went home this week, you can find it here on our class blog.  This unit presents you with a fantastic opportunity to talk to your child about the physical, emotional and social changes that happen during puberty, and as they grow up.  Some students have been bringing in books or other resources that they’re using at home to share with the class, and we’re getting into some great discussions.

This week’s edition of The Flash can be accessed for any other important info.

Have a great loooooong weekend!

Miss K 🙂

End of the Month Already? Weekly Update

Good afternoon!

What a FANTASTIC way to end the week!  Go Student Led Learning Reviews!  I really hope that you were encouraged as you spent time with your child today at school.  From what I could hear and see, great things were happening: parents were questioning, students were explaining, and there might have evven been some fun had!  Thank you, Parents, for your willingness to embrace this new experience. As you heard about your child’s learning from his or her own mouth, I hope you were encouraged by all that has been happening this year.

This has sure been a jam-packed week!  We started the week by watching Faust’s production of “Oliver Twist” which had us roaring with laughter in the LLAC.  A large number of students received immunizations (Ouch!) but were super troopers and very brave!

A lot of time this week was devoted to Myths and Personal Inquiries.  As the students are writing their myths, they are using the Writing Process to edit and refine their work thoroughly.  We have some very creative myths being written in 5B!  Next week, we’ll be turning our written myths into digital stories, using KeyNote.  We’ll publish them to our blogs, so you can see them too!

Personal Inquiries are proving to be an interesting task!  After working for many periods on the central ideas, the students have come up with some really solid work.  Using guiding questions is helping to focus the research needed to be able to present these topics to the class.  It will be great!

Next week will be so very exciting!  It is the Festival of the Arts, and the week will be FULL of interactive workshops, concerts, art galleries and lots of fun art activities.  If you can join us for the Evening of the Arts, Friday May 7th, make sure you do! It’ll be a wonderful evening!

The information packets for the Grade 5 camp have gone out today. Please read over the sheets carefully and return all forms, completed fully.

For more important info and notes, check out this week’s edition of The Flash.

Have a great weekend!

Miss K 🙂

Weekly Update

Hello again!

What a fantastic way to end a great week.  Thanks to the “accuracy” of the weather forecast for Hong Kong, we were able to enjoy a fabulous Dig Day at South Bay Beach.  We had a ton of fun digging up artifacts, eating, and playing in the sand and the water.  Check out the Photos page for some photos from the day!

This week, students have been working hard on their myths… and personal inquiries… and 3D shapes… I’m so proud of the Battlers for their commitment to their work.  Ask them to tell you about what they’ve been doing; you will be impressed!

Some important notes for next week:

– Faust Production of “Oliver Twist” – Monday, April 26 at 9:45am in the LLAC

– Immunizations for selected students on Monday, April 26 from 10:45am.

– The Lower School Festival of the Arts from Monday, May 3rd to Friday, May 7th is a week-long celebration of the arts in its various forms.  The purpose is to create an environment infused with art for students to enjoy and extend their learning about the arts.  Parents, other schools and the community are invited to be a part of our celebration.  Please visit the school website for details and schedules for this special week.

– Student -Led Learning Reviews on Friday, April 30.  I will send out reminders with your time slots early next week.

For more information, check out this week’s edition of The Flash

Enjoy the sunshine! Enjoy the weekend!

See you next week!

Miss K:)